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Tax-on-Web Mandatee

Role of mandatee

To see and get access to a return in your TaxWorkBox, you must have the following roles: :

  • "SPFFIN Mandataire"
  • "SPFFIN Utilisateur de Mandats"
    • Characteristic: "Utilisateur de Mandats Tax-on-web (Taxworkbox)"

If that is not the case, you must assign yourself these roles in Ma gestion des rôles eGov"

I do not find the return of my client in the list

  • Give the national number of your client
  • Click on the icon on the right to open the return

Mandate PIT or NRIT/Natural Persons

Before being able to submit a return within the framework of a mandate, you have to create a  mandate that will be signed by both parties via the "Self Service Mandat"

Exceptionally it is sometimes possible to create a paper document for the principal. You will find every necessary information on the website of Tax-On-Web.

Warning: You can only have a mandate (either PIT or NRIT/Natural Persons) If you accumulate both mandates, the return will not be available in your TaxWorkBox.

Error: you must have a PIT mandate

  • Check in the application "Self Service Mandat" that you do not have simultaneously an active mandate "Tax-on-web IPP" and an active mandate  "Tax-on-web INR/PP”
    • If that is not the case, you have to delete the inappropriate principal

Error: The citizen with the mentioned national number is not authorised to submit your return via Tax-on-Web

  • The person submitting the return cannot use Tax-on-Web. You must submit a return in a printed document
    • Get in touch with your competent taxation office for more information

Error when opening the PDF file of the acknowledgement of receipt